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Bangalore – The City With Plenteous IT Job Opportunities

Bangalore wears many hats. Among all the taglines, the most popular ones is that of a ‘IT Capital of India’. The primary reason behind it is the presence of many reputed IT companies with big plush offices and huge manpower.

Among the four major metro cities in India, the one city which continues to stay on top of the minds of various corporate and multinational companies all over the globe is the Bangalore. Undeniably, Bangalore is the IT backbone of India and an ultimate job seekers job destination.

It is not only the huge number of job openings which is making the city worth exploring it, in fact the state of the art infrastructure, presence of modern age civic amenities, close knitted connectivity and excellent transportation system are adding up to its charm and beauty. It may surprise many, but the city is one of the top ten entrepreneurial locations on the globe and its 83 billion dollar GDP contributes significantly to the country.

What makes Bangalore the IT Hub of India?

The IT infrastructure is simply splendid and world class. Every year, Bangalore exports over Rs 18000 crore worth of software. The state of Karnataka provides an extremely supportive environment for IT companies. Some of the reasons why Bangalore deserves the tag of an IT hub of India are listed below, take a look-

· The Karnataka state has the highest number of engineering colleges and hence graduates in India

· Bangalore has a large growing IT job market. As per the industry body, ASSOCHAM, IT and IT related jobs accounted 67% of the total 21,000 new jobs in Bangalore in Q2 FY2014.

· It has the most number of IT companies in India, notably situated in areas like Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Electronics City, International Tech Park of Bangalore (ITPB)

What type of IT jobs are present in Bangalore?

Information technology is a vast field with enormous scope and opportunities. As per the common trends, the IT students after completing their studies straightaway head towards Bangalore for better work opportunities. Some of the IT job profiles which can be availed in the city include software developer, software tester, web designer, customer care representative, networking engineer, hardware engineer, and so on and on