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How to do MBBS in just 20 Lakhs? In India, the 5 year Bachelors degree of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) is solely dependent on the NEET score of the medical students. NEET - National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an entrance examination for students who wish to study any medical course in medical and dental colleges in India or abroad. This year, more than 15 lakh students appeared for NEET but only half of them cleared the exam. The remaining half have either lost their hope or are preparing for the next NEET 2020. But the real question is, “Why this MBBS course is so expensive?” To sum all the running around, entrance fee, exit fee, tuition fee, coaching fee, exam preparations multiplied by the pressure before NEET and anxiety before results. The cost of doing an MBBS course in India usually crosses 50 lakhs (half a million) for sure. This doesn’t include the extravagant donations and hidden admission charges. In India, there are about 500 medical colleges offering 65,000 medical seats each year. But what about the remaining 7,00,000 students ‘science wale bacche’ who cleared their NEET exam with no allocated medical seat? They have no choice but to pack their bags and ‘Mummy ka banaya aachaar’ and head towards studying MBBS abroad. It is not a bad option, though! But I guess it is their only option. Here comes another catch: Students need to write IELTS/MCAT/TOEFL/TMS, etc based on the country selected. Here is an opportunity for NEET appeared (pass/fail) medical aspirants. Bangalore Group of Institutions is conducting BS/MD (MBBS) program in collaboration with Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Medicine, Philippines. This program enables students to study BS (Basic Science) from the Bangalore campus followed by MD (equivalent to Indian MBBS) from Manilla Campus.  EAC School of Medicine was established in 1957 and their degree is approved by Medical Council of India. It is also listed under WHO (World Health Organizations). Moreover, the overall fee for MBBS is just 20 Lakhs for this 5 year program. For more details, call +91 8105959998 and speak directly with the Admission Chancellor of Bangalore Group of Institutions. If you know any student/professional who is struggling to become a doctor, please share this information with them. - Written by:Shradha SharmaMarketing Head, Bangalore Group Of Institutions

Why Should You Look for a Job in Bangalore or Kolkata?

Some Indian cities look enriched in terms of employment opportunities available for different professions. While some of them are flooded with job openings for IT professionals, some other cities offer job opportunities for education, media, biotechnology and many other sectors. The professionals looking for jobs can move to these cities to search for ideal jobs as per their core industries and preferences. Looking at the recent trends, Bangalore and Kolkata can be suggested as the ideal job markets that help you locate the ideal opportunities. These cities serve a large pool of professionals with many new jobs created here every year. If you have never considered the job openings coming from either Bangalore or Kolkata, you surely need to change your mind now. To know more about the trends highlighting job markets of these cities, you can refer to the following details. Let's have a close look at what jobs can you get to explore in Bangalore or Kolkata and what industries are prominent in either of these destinations. Bangalore: This city, at present is best known for its earmarked presence in the IT sector and the jobs generated by it. The city is home to over 900 IT companies that create a generous amount of jobs for students passing out of engineering colleges every year. The city, with its globally known presence in the IT sector is also referred to as Silicon Valley of India. It employs about 35% of the IT professionals in India. Besides, many other sectors including manufacturing, automobile and biotechnology create most jobs in the city. With a significant contribution from these sectors, Bangalore recorded a surge of 12% in its new job creation category in 2013. A major part of these openings belong to IT companies based here. Besides, biotechnology is identified as another significant business for the city as 97 out of the total of 240 biotechnology companies in India are based in Bangalore. This makes it a major job market for biotechnology professionals. Kolkata: The job trends in Kolkata might not be as prominent as the ones in Bangalore and other metro cities, but the city surely holds a lot to it in terms of employment opportunities. In the last few years, Kolkata has grown manifolds, be it in terms of infrastructure, education, IT, banking, manufacturing or any other industry. Out of these, banking has always been the economic strength of the city, which also creates alluring career opportunities for finance professionals. Besides, IT is said to be growing at the rate of 70% per year in the city, which is truly commendable. This data clearly defines the city's potential to create new job vacancies.

Scope of Engineering in India

Engineering is considered to be a discipline, an art and a profession that seeks to apply scientific theory towards designing, developing and analyzing technological solutions. The major basic branches of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical & industrial engineering. All other sub disciplines are considered to be combinations & extensions of the major branches of engineering. Here let's take a brief look at the scope of some of the leading branches of engineering offered in various Bangalore Engineering Colleges. Electrical / Electronics/ Communication (EEE/ EC): This is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering & involves studying theory & practical application of electricity, electronics & electromagnetism. It is also considered to be one of most interesting branches of engineering as it involves a study of computers, electrical, electronics and communication. With a BE/ BTech in Electrical engineering from Engineering colleges in Bangalore, you can look forward to working in the following job roles: • Design • Quality Control • Test • Reliability • Software • Hardware • Network • Telecommunications • Electrical/ Electronic Electrical Engineers are in huge demand in India; you can look forward to working in both private & public sectors like railways, civil aviation, electricity boards, utility companies, electrical design, consultancy firms and different kinds of manufacturing industries. The salary range would depend on the industry, location and your qualification & skills sets; however, electrical engineers can earn stating average salary of about INR 430,000 per annum which gets hiked as you gain more experience in this field. Some of the leading employers of electrical engineers are: ABB, Siemens, ONGC, Crompton Greaves Limited, BHEL, SAIL, Reliance, Wipro among many others. Computer Science (CS) / Information Technology ( IT) / Information Sciences ( IS): Software engineering is the study & application of engineering to the design, development, implementation and maintenance of software. As you are aware, a career in the Information Technology sector is considered to be not only high paying but also prestigious and is full of opportunities. According to NASSCOM figures, Indian IT exports are expected to hit US $ 175 billion by 2020 hence there are huge requirements for trained software /IT engineers. As the IT sector is quite broad in terms of employment opportunities, candidates interested in programming & coding work as software engineers & those who prefer networking & system administration can function as hardware engineers. With a BE/ BTech degree in CS/ IT/ IS from Top engineering colleges in Bangalore, you can look forward to working in any of the following roles: • Software developers • System designers • System Analyst • Hardware • Software Testers • Network • Quality Analysts Based on the candidate's skill sets, ability & qualifications, B/BTech holders can look forward to median starting packages from INR 400,000- INR 600,000 and if they get deputed to overseas projects they can earn in six figures. Due to global demand for IT services, valued at around USD $ 70 trillion, many new and exciting international opportunities are opening up for IT graduates. Some of the top MNCs hiring candidates in this domain are as below: Google, Yahoo, HP, IBM, Apple, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Sun Microsystems, Accenture, Dell among many others. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering is not only one of the oldest branches but is also considered to be the "mother" branch of engineering. The application base of this field is also extremely broad & diverse with mechanical engineers dealing with concepts in mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, structural analysis & fluid mechanics to design, test, maintain & manufacture state of the art manufacturing units, motor vehicles, different aircraft & aerospace parts and a vast assortment of industrial machinery. If you choose to specialize in this branch, you could also focus on research in nanotechnology, composite materials, bio medical applications, environmental conservation etc. With the ever increasing scope of mechanical engineering, you would get into the financial & marketing aspects of product development and also into people & resource management. If you have a penchant for mechanical components, machinery & how they work, this field is ideal for you. With a BE/ BTech degree in Mechanical engineering from some of the Best Engineering colleges in Bangalore, you can look forward to working in the following roles: • Mechanical • Production • R & D • Thermal • Maintainence • Automotive • Marine • Aerospace Based on the candidate's skill sets, starting pay packets vary from Rs 300,000 to Rs 500,000 Lakh per annum which get incremented with work experience in this domain. You can look forward to working with Automobile & auto part manufacturers, aerospace industry, government sector industries, steel plants, shipping industry, the armed forces, thermal plants, air conditioning & refrigeration industry etc.

Bangalore: The Most Promising Job Destination in India

Bangalore is best known for its fastest growing IT industry. Numerous jobs are generated by this industry on a frequent basis for job seekers all across the nation. The IT industry in this city has contributed a large share in the Indian economy and has managed to carve a position in the global IT market. Not only the IT industry, there are other fastest developing industries in Bangalore such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries, churning considerable employment opportunities for candidates from different backgrounds and education level. Focal Areas of Bangalore Bangalore city, also known as the city of joy has everything to impress its visitors. The pleasant weather all through the year, friendly people, outstanding places, entertainment and shopping facilities, and much more are the focal points of this city. Even, a large number of domestic and multinational companies including big and small enterprises have their base in this city. Further, the availability of a large number of talent pool and low startup cost factors are attracting more and more companies to start their operations in this city. Booming IT sector Bangalore is amongst the top IT destinations in India. Being a hub for Information Technology companies in India, this city has been given the name "The Silicon Valley of India". Different types of job profiles are available in this city in the IT sector. According to Assocham, the IT and IT related jobs in Bangalore accounted 67% of the total new jobs in Q2 FY14. Additionally, this city has numerous engineering colleges producing a large number of talent pool in terms of graduates. Furthermore, candidates can make their career in any of the profiles that interest them the most including software tester, web designer, data analyst, software developer, hardware engineer, networking engineer, IT consultant and so on. List of Top IT companies Several IT giants from the technology world have their offices in Bangalore. Here is the list of top 20 IT companies in this city: Microsoft Google HCL Technologies Cisco Adobe Infosys Mahindra Satyam NetApp Tata Consultancy Services Wipro Technologies ITC Infotech India Ltd. MphasiS

Bangalore – The City With Plenteous IT Job Opportunities

Bangalore wears many hats. Among all the taglines, the most popular ones is that of a 'IT Capital of India'. The primary reason behind it is the presence of many reputed IT companies with big plush offices and huge manpower. Among the four major metro cities in India, the one city which continues to stay on top of the minds of various corporate and multinational companies all over the globe is the Bangalore. Undeniably, Bangalore is the IT backbone of India and an ultimate job seekers job destination. It is not only the huge number of job openings which is making the city worth exploring it, in fact the state of the art infrastructure, presence of modern age civic amenities, close knitted connectivity and excellent transportation system are adding up to its charm and beauty. It may surprise many, but the city is one of the top ten entrepreneurial locations on the globe and its 83 billion dollar GDP contributes significantly to the country. What makes Bangalore the IT Hub of India? The IT infrastructure is simply splendid and world class. Every year, Bangalore exports over Rs 18000 crore worth of software. The state of Karnataka provides an extremely supportive environment for IT companies. Some of the reasons why Bangalore deserves the tag of an IT hub of India are listed below, take a look- · The Karnataka state has the highest number of engineering colleges and hence graduates in India · Bangalore has a large growing IT job market. As per the industry body, ASSOCHAM, IT and IT related jobs accounted 67% of the total 21,000 new jobs in Bangalore in Q2 FY2014. · It has the most number of IT companies in India, notably situated in areas like Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Electronics City, International Tech Park of Bangalore (ITPB) What type of IT jobs are present in Bangalore? Information technology is a vast field with enormous scope and opportunities. As per the common trends, the IT students after completing their studies straightaway head towards Bangalore for better work opportunities. Some of the IT job profiles which can be availed in the city include software developer, software tester, web designer, customer care representative, networking engineer, hardware engineer, and so on and on

Primary and Higher Education in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city in the Karnataka state. It is considered as the third largest city in India. It is the fifth largest metropolitan area of India. The city is also called as "Silicon Valley of India" due to its leading IT (Information Technology) exporter. It was established in 1537 by Kempegowda. Mr. Lakshinarayana is the commissioner of Bangalore city. Bangalore is not only known for its IT industry, but also technical education. The city has many best educational institutes in the state. The level of education is very high as compared to other states of India. Most of the students prefer Bangalore for their primary and higher education. Its environment attracts a lot of students for study. Students from all over the world are getting education in the city. The environment of Bangalore is the best suited for pursuing management courses. About School Education in Bangalore Bangalore has the large number of institutions in Karnataka state. The city is famous for its primary (schooling) education. It is the hub of primary education in India. There are more than 2500 primary schools and more than 1000 high schools. Most of the schools are affiliated with Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) and rests on them are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Karnataka Board has the responsibilities of offering syllabus, preparing exam papers, including new chapters and declaration of results in Bangalore city. Bangalore has many world renowned primary and high schools. The first English school was established in 1842 by the British Wesleyan Mission in the city. The first Bangalore High School started in 1858 by the Government of Mysore. Higher & Technical Education in Bangalore Bangalore University was established in 1886 by AIU. It was the first university in the city and more than 500 colleges are affiliated to the university. The university is the center of higher education. The university offers different engineering, management, medical and non-technical degree courses. Common Entrance Test (CET) is being conducted every year for admission in professional courses like Management, Engineering, Medical and Information Technology. Bangalore is also popular for its research institutes like The Indian Institute of Science, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Indian Institute of Information Technology and Indian Space Research Organization. Bangalore is the best place for better education. The infrastructure of colleges in Bangalore attracts foreign students. Bangalore has become one-stop destination for technical and higher education in India.

Higher Studies in Bangalore

Bangalore now known as Bengaluru is the IT capital of India. The diversity of Bangalore can only be discovered by paying a visit to this beautiful city which is full of striking gardens thus gaining the title the city of gardens. Apart from different tourist destinations and happening hangouts like pubs, discos, coffee houses, movie theatres and pizza joints, Bangalore boasts of over 400 colleges which in itself explains the quality of education in Bangalore. The engineering colleges in Bangalore produce outstanding students year after year who create a niche for themselves in a variety of fields. Not only engineering but higher education is given in bio-technology, business management, journalism, medicine, public relation, diary technology, veterinary science, forestry, aviation, defense, dentistry, fashion, fine arts, foreign language, interior design, psychology, social work, teaching and many more streams. There is also a lot of scope for sports, cultural and academic activities in these colleges. Students throng these colleges from far and near. Most of the students aiming for management courses in India seek Bangalore as their destination as most of the colleges have magnificent campuses and the quality of teaching is really world-class. Bangalore can also be called the educational hub of India. It is a mega departmental store of education you name a course you find it in Bengaluru. Irrespective of your budget, your combination of subjects or your choice of residing you will surely grab a chance in this wonderful city. The universities employ rankings in the entrance examination conducted by state of Karnataka to measure the suitability of candidates for various Diploma, Post Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate, Research and Fellowship programs. This city should be seen at the time of admission notifications, students from all over India and from foreign shores make a bee-line for a chance to study here. Bangalore achieved a high literacy rate of 83.91% with the aid of several initiatives taken collaboratively by the State Government and the local authorities. Education is no longer confined to C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E. and state boards. Thus we can conclude that a city like Bangalore with rich, diverse cultural background is the bet option for a student aiming for higher studies with a pinch of extravagant experience and a society which does not differentiate between the poor and the rich, the educated and the uneducated, the locals from the outsiders will be the best option to go for.

Choosing an Engineering College in Bangalore

If you're a student or someone planning on going to Bangalore for engineering college then you will need to know what you're options are. There are tons of colleges in the area that offer engineering as a program and many fine world class engineers come out of the colleges from India. There are great colleges in all of the popular cities including Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai and Bangalore which local and international students can attend. The cost of attending a college in India is far cheaper then in most economically established countries which are great for everyone attending. The lower cost doesn't reflect a lower education and the education is actually far superior in India compared too many countries. India is known for the many world class high rise buildings that they build and many of them are works of art that twist and bend the laws of gravity. I'm surprised as to the massive engineering that they do in India and they are currently a country with lots of money and developing into a world class country. There are already millions of international born people living in India and many of those are from North America. For an amazing education in India make sure you think about an engineering program. They are abundant in the country and many colleges have the program so you will be able too take your pick at quite a number of colleges. This gives you some option in where you want too go, and typically you should look for a local college before moving into other regions as traveling to the college isn't fun. If you're an international student then you can basically choose anyone you want to attend, and then pending your acceptance you will be on your way too getting an engineering diploma in India.

List of Top 10 Engineering colleges in Bangalore

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Bangalore Brief History The first Engineering College 0px;"Government Engineering College" was started by the Mysore Government in 1917 at Bangalore, later in 1965; the college was renamed after its founder as "University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering". Three more collages were started in 1946. By the time of Integration of the State, there were totally five engineering colleges (two under Government and three in private sector) in the State.Here is List of Top 10 Engineering colleges in Bangalore Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) KEA, earlier known as CET, at State level is conducted for admission to Engineering Colleges. Admission to Govt/University managed Engineering Colleges and Regional Engineering Colleges (Karnataka Quota) is completely regulated through CET. Specified number of seats as notified from time to time in private/aided, unaided Engineering Colleges are left to be filled at the discretion of the college management. Allocation of Seats: 95% for candidates passing PUC exam from Karnataka and 5% for candidates passing Diploma exam of the State Board of Technical Education. Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Bangalore 1. Bangalore Group of Institutions Courses Offered: Computer Science Mechanical Electronics and Communication Civil Contact Us Phone : 080-28445950 2. P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Biotechnology Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Information Science Mechanical Telecommunication 3. M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Tech, Bangalore Courses Offered: Architecture Biotechnology Chemical Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Mechanical Medical Electronics Telecommunication 4. S.E.A. College of Engineering & Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Computer Science Electronics and Communication Engineering Information Science and Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering 5. B.M.S College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore Courses Offered: Architecture Biotechnology Chemical Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Instrumentation and Technology Information Science Mechanical Telecommunication 6. Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Instrumentation and Technology Information Science and Mechanical Telecommunication 7. Sir M. Visvewsvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Architecture Biotechnology Chemical Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Mechanical Telecommunication 8. Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore Courses Offered: Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Information Science Mechanical 9. R.N.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Architecture Biotechnology Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Information Science Mechanical Telecommunication 10. B.N.M. Institute of Technology, Bangalore Courses Offered: Architecture Biotechnology Chemical Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and Communication Industrial Engineering and Management Instrumentation and Technology Information Science Mechanical Telecommunication