I am indeed honoured to welcome you as the Principal of Florida College and School of Nursing, Bangalore. 

Our philosophy is based on active participation with our students and with practicing nurses in our hospitals and communities. We are committed to become an influential and distinguished College by providing a high-quality nursing education, scholarly activity that advances the nursing profession and promotes the health of the community.

The competency-based curricula which we follow for our programs are bench marked with international standards and has adopted best practices in teaching /learning and assessment approach. Our dedicated faculty and staff seek to provide quality education utilizing innovative teaching approaches incorporating the latest technologies that allow the students to engage actively in self- learning and become life-long learners.

Nursing is one of the top listed jobs with no surprise as the demand for more skilled healthcare professionals’ skyrockets. This expansion can be attributed to a few factors including a move to patient and family centred care models and an aging population. We have premier educators & clinical nurses who prepare the students for these changing societal trends.

I believe that Florida College and School of Nursing in a short span has managed to provide not only quality in Nursing education but also has addressed and developed a centre for professional development and healthcare services. We practice what we teach, and we want to teach you to practice.

Finally, I would like to invite everyone to explore our institution and I am sure it will motivate you to be part of our prestigious institution.

Dr. Jabin Jose Well Lazar